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BACK              Internet Activity # 1
  Using the specific web sites listed below, answer the following questions.

  1. Metric System

          1.  What reasons made it necessary to develop a new system of measurement?

            2.  What were the attributes of the new system?

            3.  What unit was originally proposed as the bases for the measurement of length?

            4.  Describe the "Metre".

B.  Metric System

            5.  Name the prefix used to represent:  1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000.

            6.  What is a heptameter?

            7.  What problems exist with the computing industry and the metric system?

C.  Measurement

              1. Define:

                   a.  Data-

                   b.  Results- 

                   c.  Units-

             2.  Name three advantages to using the

             3.  Why are measurements uncertain?

             4.  Name two types of error.  Explain their differences.

             5.  Distinguish between
exact numbers and measured numbers.

5.30 x 103

_____________     ____________

             7.  What determines the number of significant figures used in your answer when adding or 
                  subtracting?  оо when multiplying or dividing?

             8.  Explain the differences between extensive and intensive properties.

             9.  Define temperature and name the three scales used to measure temperature.

D.  Scientific Method

      Play the game and print.  .