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The Element of a Story
Discovery, Understanding, and Application

You will be assigned an element by lottery.  You will research the element in the library using websites, textbooks, and other reference materials.  The main research topics are historical background, physical characteristics, chemical characteristics, images, periodic table location, electron configuration/Lewis dot structure, element card, Bohr model representation, uses, and production.

You will create a story about the element.  The story will be presented in a book form consisting of :
Creative Title--include the identity of the element and an
                              interesting elemental fact.
Table of Contents
3.  The Story--one page for each main research topic.  Each topic page   
                         will begin with an explanation of the topic information.
Bibliography--include websites, books, and other references.
                         - use proper entry form.


1. Historical Information
a.  Who discovered it?
b.  When was it discovered?
c.  Where was it discovered?
d.  How did it get its name?         

2. Physical Properties
a. Appearance.
b. State at room temperature.
c. Density.
d. Melting Point.
e. Atomic Radius.
f. Specific Heat.
g. Abundance on Earth.
h. Metal or Nonmetal.

Chemical Properties
a. Reaction with other elements.
b. Electronegativity.
c. Ionization Energy.

4. Uses and Images
a. uses for the element
b. Images of products that contain   
      the element.
  c. Images of compounds that con-
      tain the element.
  d. Explanation of the above.

Periodic Table
  a. Identify the location of the
      element on the periodic table by
      its group number, period, and
     family or series name.
b. An image of a periodic table can   
     be used - highlight the element.