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A Matter of Chemistry

1. Select one of the chemical listed in Table 1.1.

2. Research the chemical using the internet, library, or other resources.

3. Report on the chemical process used to make the chemical.

4. Include in the report the:

  • raw materials used.
  • intermediate products produced.
  • manufacturing process involved.
  • properties of the chemical.
  • structure of the chemical.
  • uses for the chemical.

5. Present the report as a word document or a PowerPoint presentation.

6. Scoring:
0 - 10 points =  written text only (many grammatical/spelling
11--15 points =  written text (few errors), few graphics and/or
                        pictures, and bibliography.
16--20 points =  written text (no errors), many well used graphics
                                  and/or pictures, 3 or more sources properly