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Element Poster


  • To highlight specific knowledge of an element from the periodic table.
  • To use four different sources of information.
  • To display the researched information in a poster format.


A.  Select an element from the periodic table ( only one student per element- verify your selection with your
B.  Use at least two sources from the internet to obtain your information and two other sources of information.
C.  Information required:
  1. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND- who, when, where, and how it was discovered.
  2. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES- appearance, state, density, melting point, atomic radius, specific heat, abundance, and type.
  3. CHEMICAL PROPERTIES- electronegativity, ionization energy, and reaction partners
  4. PHOTOGRAPHS- images of objects containing the element and compounds that contain the element.
  5. PERIODIC TABLE- location: group and period. ( image of periodic table may be used )
  7. ELEMENT BLOCK- see poster layout
  8. SOURCE- cite the internet sites used and two other resources ( use the proper citation form )
  9. BOHR MODEL- label the nucleus, protons, neutrons, and electrons (electrons should be correctly distributed in the energy levels.)
Oral Presentation:  Each student will summarize their findings     
                               to their class.

Poster Layout